The Cheat Code Winners Circle Sweepstakes


1. Where can I enter the open sweepstakes for The Cheat Code? 

2. How often can I enter?  
All Cheat Code Subscribers can enter the sweepstakes ONE time. 

3. Where can I find the official rules of the sweepstakes? 

4. Are there any Countries restricted from entry? 
Unfortunately, we cannot ship the Grand Prize to certain countries that the US has an Embargo with, therefore we have to restrict entries from the following countries: 

CU (Cuba)
IR (Iran)
KP (North Korea)
SL (Sierra Leone)
Palestinian Territories.
South Sudan.
Crimea Ukraine.

5. Can those under 18 enter your sweepstakes? 
Because of COPPA and child protection rules, we cannot request personal information from anybody under the age of 18 therefore we ask those that are under 18 not partipate in this sweepstakes but we will have another giveaway for the youth! 

6. How do I know if I am a winner? 
All eligible winners will be contacted July 31, 2021 directly using the information you provided. If we cannot get in contact with you within 24 hours you will be disqualified and an alternative winner will be selected. 

7. Where will I be able to see the list of winners of these sweepstakes? 
August 2, 2021 via 

8. If I win and accept the prize package, will I be responsible for paying all applicable taxes on the prize package? 
Yes. If the prize value is more than $600, the sponsor is required by law to report the prize (awarded to a U.S. resident) to the IRS. In which case the sponsor will request your social security number and send you an affidavit to fill out. If the prize value is less than $600 the sponsor is not required to report the prize and so may or may not choose to report it. In either case it is your responsibility to include your accumulated winnings in your taxable income.

9. If I win and accept the prize package, will I be responsible for delivery of the prize package?  
The Cheat Code team will handle delivery of the Grand Prize up to $2,000. 

10. How will you use and/or share my information? 
Participation in a sweepstakes sponsored by The Cheat Code is completely voluntary. In order to be a valid entry, the user must provide the requested contact information.

By entering a sweepstakes, users will receive occasional promotional e-mail offers from the Sponsor. Users can unsubscribe from these offers by using the provided unsubscribe link within the e-mail.

11. Why is my entry invalid?  
You must have an ACTIVE the Cheat Code Subscription/ Membership by 00:00am PST July 17, 2021. If you were not an active Members or did not meet all the entry requirements listed in the official rules, your entry was automatically invalidated. 

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